S1 #3 | Soil: carbon sink and saviour?

S1 #3 | Soil: carbon sink and saviour?

"We can sequester with regenerative agriculture between 5% of all emissions and 100% of all emissions. That's a big difference"

Whenever we used to find ourselves around farmland, we never paid much attention to the soil beneath our feet. Making this episode will make us think twice next time...

Why? Because, when you dig a little deeper, soil is far more important for carbon storage than you might have imagined. The world's soils hold more carbon than the atmosphere and the world's forests combined - but what potential do they hold for helping our carbon removal cause?

In this episode, we delve into the silent crisis of our soils, and discover the regenerative agriculture movement ready to address it, with a mix of ancient wisdom and novel technologies.

This episode's guests

Many thanks to our excellent guests in this episode:

  • Aldyen Donnelly, co-founder and Director of Carbon Economics at Nori
  • Ben Flock, Head of Transition Finance at Climate Farmers


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