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We combine hours of research and interviews with the world’s leading experts to explore the latest developments in carbon removal technology and policy in an easy to digest and engaging podcast format.

Our narrative driven, story-focused episodes are enjoyed by both experts in the field and climate-curious individuals wanting to learn more about this increasingly widespread topic. The problem of carbon emissions is clear - the solution, however, is not. Our succinct, level-headed and impartial approach to carbon removal gives our listeners the facts and the tools they need to make sense of, and take action on, how we as humanity can sustainably remove carbon from the atmosphere.

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The biggest names in the carbon removal space are listening to our show.

"The Carbon Removal Show team know their stuff. I really enjoy the way they manage to present the cutting edge on the topic, in a friendly and approachable way"

Dr Steve Smith
Executive Director Oxford Net Zero

"The hosts made me feel very welcome and asked a great many excellent questions, as well as giving many fascinating insights themselves. I had a lot of fun!"

Dr Emily Cox
Research Associate
CO2RE Greenhouse Gas Removal Hub

"After listening to so many podcasts a proper show like this really stands out. Spending time on production as opposed to just sitting down in front of a microphone and recording a conversation does make a huge difference."

Robert Höglund
Member of Expert Group on Carbon Removals
European Commission

"The Carbon Removal Show is a must for anyone interested or working in CDR. Season 1 is my go to for anyone who wants to get into the space. Season 2 is a great example of hands-on podcasting. I cannot wait for season 3."
Sebastian Manhart
Senior Policy Advisor

"The team at Carbon Removal Show are really up to speed on the issues. In my conversation with Emily and Tom this meant they were interested in getting in to the really important - but often missing - complexity, nuance and details of carbon removal." Dr Nem Vaughan Associate Professor in Climate Change University of East Anglia

"If you're looking to get smart and stay smart on the carbon removal space, this is the place to go. The Carbon Removal Show does a stellar job keeping a pulse on the current status of the carbon market while bringing in diverse expertise and new views."
Brennan Spellacy
Co-Founder + CEO of Patch

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Emily Swaddle

Tom Previte

Ben Weaver-Hincks

Researcher + Fact Checker
Henry Irvine

Executive Producer
Sam Floy

Sam Carter

Graphic Designer
Rekai Campbell

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