S1 #9 | What's next for carbon removal... and how can I help?

S1 #9 | What's next for carbon removal... and how can I help?

Now you've discovered what carbon removal is all about, what are you going to do next?

In this finale, we have brought together a mix of carbon removal-related inspiration:

  • An interactive game to help us all understand the road to gigaton-scale carbon removal
  • A reflection on how COP26 left the carbon removal space (spoiler - we really do need it and we really do need it now)
  • An array of stories from our guests of how they found their groove in the carbon removal space
  • Our top tips for how you can continue your carbon removal journey, whatever stage you're at

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Many thanks to our excellent guests throughout this series. In this episode, we hear again from Aldyen Donnelly (of episode 3 fame), Harriet Rix (episode 2), Diego Saez-Gil (episode 2), Apoorv Sinha (episode 7) and Katherine Romanak (episode 5).


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